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Faithful Fans — Part II: New Mexico State

by cfbmemes_

In this 10-part series, we will present to you with some of the most faithful fans in college football.

We’re not talking about the likes of Nebraska where its fans have sold out 283 games. One, because if you live in Lincoln or the surrounding areas, what beats a Cornhuskers game on a Saturday? Two, when your program is considered a blueblood of college football, there is still excitement to lead you to the game.

Part II is about a fan base that has stuck it through with its team even though it has won almost nothing in its history. There may not be many but this article is dedicated to the New Mexico State fans that deal with the adversity and can still call themselves Aggies:

New Mexico State Quick Facts

  • All-time record: 485-655-30 (.403)
  • One bowl appearance in the last 40 seasons
  • 38-57-2 vs. rival UTEP (Battle of I-10)
  • 33-73-5 vs. rival New Mexico (Rio Grande Rivalry)
  • No conference titles in the last 40 seasons

Read those quick facts and it’s not hard to understand the state of the program. Aggie Memorial Stadium has a capacity for 28,853 spectators. In five home games in 2021, the Aggies didn’t break the 20,000 mark. Against Massachusetts in the last home game of the season, the attendance was a mere 6,632.

Remember when New Mexico State was briefly in the Sun Belt? The Aggies practically begged the conference for membership. The furthest member of the conference at the time, Georgia Southern, was more than 1,000 miles away from Las Cruces.

Ultimately, the Sun Belt would later kick out New Mexico State as it made no sense logistically. The Aggies have been one of the most unfortunate programs when it comes to conference realignment. When the WAC fell off in 2012, there was nowhere to go.

The Mountain West wouldn’t take the Aggies and the Sun Belt only gave them temporary relief from 2014 to 2017. Luckily for the Aggies with Conference USA being raided by the American Athletic Conference, a spot opened up for them and transitioning FCS programs.

They will now be in the same conference as I-10 rival UTEP. If you’re a New Mexico State fan, you are one of the most faithful college football fans out there.