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The 128 Team Playoff, Day 3: Alabama vs. New Mexico State

by CJ Olson

Photo credit: Crimson Tide Photos/Alabama athletics


We’ve created a 130-team bracket using ESPN’s FPI as our ranking system.

“But, anyone can create a bracket, how will the games be simulated?” Great question; NCAA Game Sim was used.

For each game on the bracket, the matchup was simulated once and every day a write-up will be done.

For the matchup, player statistics will be simulated and included in the write-ups.

Finally, thanks to the NCAA Game Sim premium membership, we’ll show the results of doing 100 simulations all at once. This is to see if a given result was more towards the expected side or if a given result was more towards the upset or luckier side.

All of the results have been simulated and tabulated, so at the time of writing the introduction, the results are already in.

This is designed to be fun, so please enjoy.

From Georgia to Massachusetts, here’s the 130-team bracket:

Match 4

(1) Alabama vs. (16) New Mexico State

For starters, this game actually happened during the 2021 season.

Alabama won 59-3 in a game that saw Bryce Young throw for five touchdowns — three of them to Jameson Williams — before halftime.

New Mexico State had nine rushing yards. Nine.

But, Alabama didn’t score in the third quarter, so that’s a credit to the Aggies.

So, how similar or different did the simulation go?

Young had five passing touchdowns again. However, none of them went to Williams, who again led the Crimson Tide in receiving yards with 114.

Another similarity is that New Mexico State did not score a touchdown. New Mexico State quarterback Jonah Johnson was 24-for-44 passing for 189 yards and an interception.

Ultimately, this was actually a little bit better than what happened on Nov. 13, 2021. Instead of losing 59-3, New Mexico State only lost 58-6.

After 100 simulations, Alabama did lose two of them, going 98 for 100 by an average score of 51-13.3.

Winner’s Next Matchup: Winner of (8) Maryland vs. (9) Air Force

Tomorrow’s Matchup: (1) Ohio State vs. (16) Florida International

Updated Bracket



Massachusetts, Connecticut


Akron, New Mexico State


American: 11/11 (highest remaining: 2. Cincinnati)

ACC: 14/14 (highest remaining: 1. Clemson)

Big 12: 10/10 (highest remaining: 1. Oklahoma, 1. Oklahoma State)

Big Ten: 14/14 (highest remaining: 1. Ohio State, 1. Michigan)

Conference USA: 14/14 (highest remaining: 6. Western Kentucky)

Independents: 4/7 (highest remaining: 1. Notre Dame)

MAC: 11/12 (highest remaining: 9. Toledo)

Mountain West: 12/12 (highest remaining: 5. Boise State)

Pac-12: 12/12 (highest remaining: 2. Utah)

SEC: 14/14 (highest remaining: 1. Georgia, 1. Alabama)

Sun Belt: 10/10 (highest remaining: 5. Appalachian State)