Photo courtesy of Army athletics

Army fullback Connor Slomka, who is known by some as the “Wexford Sledgehammer”, is a freight train on the gridiron.

Over the weekend, Slomka was given an NFL shot as he was signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars as an undrafted free agent. Slomka stands at 6-foot-0 and 240 pounds, while the average NFL fullback comes in at 6-0 and 244 pounds.

One can only figure that, especially in an NFL weight room and with a dietitian, Slomka will have the ability to put on even more weight. He has been known to over power his opponents on the field with muscle and determination. Fullback would be a perfect fit for Slomka at the next level.


  • Can power through larger players.
  • He’s able to plow through his blockers in short yardage situations.
  • Very disciplined player, blocks well, with limited to no penalties.
  • Very versatile – Could play snaps at TE or RB.
  • Doesn’t take a play off.


  • Doesn’t have the patience to wait behind blockers.
  • Can lose steam finishing long runs.
  • Didn’t catch a single pass in college.


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“Slomka was quite the complementary option behind Hopkins in the Black Knights’ offense. During his time at West Point, Slomka ran the ball 274 times for 1,208 yards and 17 touchdowns. He averaged 4.4 yards per carry, as his low center of gravity and strength made it difficult to bring him down at times. He also knows what it takes to block and while he never caught a pass for Army, his combination of speed and power could benefit him in trying to establish himself on the next level. Fullbacks are becoming rarer in the NFL, but if Slomka can prove himself as a pass catcher, and perhaps assert himself in a special teams role, he may be someone a team could use in certain situations or formations.” – Gabe Salgado, Athlon Sports


Slomka’s best kept secret is he can catch the ball. If he can show the Jaguars’ coaching staff that he is capable of receiving out of the backfield, then there’s not another player like him in this class. He’s got just the right amount of carries that a team would want one of their backs to have coming out of college.

As of now, the Jaguars have zero listed fullbacks on their roster. Head coach Doug Marrone typically likes to utilize the fullback in certain situations throughout a game. If the “Wexford Sledgehammer” shows off his power, speed, and catching ability at camp, he could have a bright future in front of him.