How USC will adjust to the Big 10

A new era is dawning on the Big-10 conference as USC muscles its way in. This marquee name in college football, known for attracting top recruits regardless of its on-field performance, elevates the competition in the conference.

Known for its football prowess, USC is on par with teams like Alabama. Add in the burgeoning influence of the new head coach, Lincoln Riley, and it becomes clear, the USC Trojans present a formidable challenge to the other Big-10 teams.

The Need for a Countermove

A strategy is needed to level the playing field. Insight on this was shared, rather intriguingly, in an episode of The Riley Files podcast featuring Oklahoma sports expert Kegan Reneau. The conversation turned to Iowa State and head coach Matt Campbell’s distinctive approach that stands out amongst the Big-12.

Iowa State, a potential contender for Big-10 expansion, may well be a crucial puzzle piece in this shifting competitive landscape. Campbell, should he be hired by a Big-10 college, is expected to bring Jon Heacock, thus ensuring a strong defensive play.

A Strong Defensive Strategy

Theories aside, one thing’s for sure, the Big-10 teams need to step up their defensive game. Given USC’s reputation for its offensively robust game, coupled with Riley’s offensive expertise, a sturdy defense is a necessity, not an option.

Old strategies won’t cut it. Ground-and-pound is a thing of the past. If the Big-10 teams don’t adapt, the unstoppable offensive might of the USC Trojans will simply run over them.

This shift in dynamics, however, holds a silver lining. It may signify a much-needed change, breath new life into the conference, and steers its path in a more positive direction. The benefits are there for the taking, provided the Big-10 can up the ante.

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