Gundy: Bedlam is “History.”

Photo from Oklahoma State Athletics Website

Mike Gundy Talks About Bedlam’s Future

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy expressed his candid observations concerning the burgeoning question about the future of the classic “Bedlam” rivalry with the University of Oklahoma. During the Big 12 Media Days, Gundy forthrightly stated his opinions regarding Oklahoma’s decision that led to the potential cancellation of the iconic rivalry.

Oklahoma’s Decision to Join SEC

The head coach emphasized that Oklahoma’s impeding departure to the SEC is the primary reason why the historic rivalry might not continue. This move is anticipated to happen after the 2023 season, thus casting doubts over their scheduled games.

Oklahoma State’s Stand

Gundy clarified that the burden of maintaining the Bedlam tradition does not fall on Oklahoma State. Oklahoma’s decision to shift to a different league is their prerogative, and therefore any consequential changes should be initiated by them. The current football schedule, according to Gundy, is completely packed, making it all the more difficult to accommodate the rivalry games.

Oklahoma’s Optimism Vs Reality

Comments from Joe Castiglione, Oklahoma’s athletic director, expressed a more optimistic outlook towards the possible comeback of the Bedlam football series. He mentioned having productive discussions with Chad Weiberg, Oklahoma State’s AD, exploring ways to resume the series in the future. However, Gundy’s sentiments suggest a contrasting perspective, pointing out that the impeding hiatus of the game is due to the administrative decisions made by Oklahoma.

The Impact on College Football Tradition

Gundy voiced his displeasure over the impact of this transformation on the venerable traditions of college football. The rich history of rivalries, the Big 12, the old Big Eight, and other longstanding traditions are now facing an uncertain future.

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