Game Ball for the Duke Game

by | Oct 15, 2017 | ACC, FSU, Game Balls, News

With FSU improving to 18-0 against the Duke Blue Devils, and 2-3 overall on the season, there are still a lot of question marks. One question that looks like it is starting to be answered is on special teams. While some aspects on special teams are still struggling, this player shined bright yesterday. Without his performance yesterday, a victory against the Blue Devils would have been even more difficult. Logan Tyler definitely deserves the game ball for the Duke game, as his performance was impressive. Not only was it impressive, but his leg definitely helped the defense all day.

The gif you see above is FSU Punter Logan Tyler obliterating a punt, that sailed for 61 yards, and no return. That pinned Duke inside the 20, under four minutes left in the game, and flipped field position. At the start of the gif you notice he is punting from his own five yard line, and totally flips the field.

On the last punt of the game with a 1:32 left on the clock, he pinned Duke within their own 15. Without his performance yesterday, Duke could have had more time to shred the FSU prevent defense in the final moments. The game ball definitely belongs to Tyler, and Charles Kelly needs to give the kid a hug for his own sake.


Punts: 4
Total Yards: 208
Average: 52
Inside the twenty: 3
Touch-backs: 1