Photo Credit: FAU Athletics

For the first time since the start of Florida Atlantic’s fall camp, head coach Willie Taggart met with the media to discuss the start of camp, among other things.

FAU’s fall camp officially kicked off on August 5th, with players divided into multiple groups. The start of fall camp marks the first time that Taggart has seen his team up close. FAU’s spring camp was canceled before it began due to the spread of COVID-19. 

“Glad to be back on the football field,” Taggart said to begin his press conference. “Glad to finally have the chance to be on the field with our guys with a football and teach ball. It’s been a long time and unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to do it in the spring.”

Update on Transfers

During the off-season, FAU brought in multiple transfers across the field. Headlining the list of transfers were two from Florida State in wide receiver D’Marcus Adams and defensive lineman Malcolm Lamar. 

Although all of these transfers would have to apply for a waiver from the NCAA to be eligible, Taggart only had an update about one of the transfers. According to Taggart, receiver Yanez Rogers, who began his college career at Cincinnati.

Although there is no update on the status of Adams, Taggart offered some hope that Adams would have his immediate eligibility waiver approved by the NCAA.

“Of course I think it’s likely,” Taggart said. “I see many other guys are getting eligible around the country. So, I gotta feel there’s a good chance for him to get eligible but you never know. We’re going to do our part to see that we can try to get him eligible.”

Changes to Fall Camp

With the spread of COVID-19 continuing, changes have been made to the structure of fall camp. Unlike previous years, players are working out in separate groups at different times. Taggart likened the start of this year’s fall camp to Organized Team Activities (OTA) in the NCAA. 

“We’re not necessarily out there as a full team. We’re kind of treating it like an OTA and kind of easing our way into this. Using this first week and a half to really hone in on our fundamentals and technique and since we really didn’t get to have spring ball, try and ease ourselves in this.”

Although Taggart is no stranger to the beginning of fall camp, Taggart admitted that this fall camp feels different than other fall camps.

“It’s been a lot different. I mean I think it’s been different for everyone,” Taggart said. “It’s abnormal to what we’re accustomed to. For so many years, you’re doing things you’re programmed to do things routinely and now there’s been a sudden change. We always talk about that in football, a sudden change and there’s been some changes.”

Although student-athletes are able to opt-out of the NCAA season and not lose their scholarship, Taggart said that no players have opted-out of the season yet.

Quarterback Position

Before the start of fall camp, quarterback Chris Robison, who started all 14 of FAU’s games last season, left the program due to an undisclosed reason.

Although no additional comment on the departure of Robison was offered, Taggart did touch on the quarterbacks currently on the roster.

“We don’t have a number one,” Taggart said. “All of them are number one now and they’re all competing for the job. Really excited and I know they are, the guys have been working really hard and excited to compete for the job. For me personally, I want to see what those guys can do. I haven’t had a chance to coach them yet and now just getting into training camp allows us time to get out there with the guys and coach and see what they can do.”