Fun Fact Friday: Bowl Game Edition

It is the most wonderful time of the year. You have holiday festivities going on everywhere, and then you have the college football season entering its final leg for bowl season. Teams get an opportunity to put an exclamation mark on their season and end it with a trophy. While bowl season may not be what it once was, I can guarantee you most college football fans are still going to watch. They will still watch every single bowl game that they can. So without further ado, let’s have a great Friday and get to these bowl game facts!

Fun Facts: Bowl Game Edition

  • It has been 1,073 days since the PAC 12 has won a bowl game. It will be 1,081 days until they have an opportunity to win one. In eight days Oregon State will play Florida in the Las Vegas Bowl. Right now Oregon State is a seven point favorite over the Gators.
  • The Tennessee Volunteers are playing in their first-ever “NY6” Bowl Game. The last time they made an NY6 or BCS Bowl game was in 1999. (Note the Cotton or Peach were not considered BCS Bowl games in 1998-2013)
  • Since the inception of official BCS and NY6 Bowl Games Notre Dame has an 0-8 record in these major bowl games. They are playing in the Gator Bowl this bowl season where they are 1-2.
  • Sticking in the state of Indiana, the Indiana Hoosiers have not won a bowl game since 1991. It has been approximately 11,301 days since Hoosier fans experienced a bowl game win. They have had six opportunities since then losing all six.
  • The Georgia Bulldogs currently have an active bowl appearance streak of 26. The streak started in 1997 Kirby Smart was a Junior playing defensive back at Georgia. Now he is the head coach, and it doesn’t look like this streak will ever end under him.
  • Florida State has the longest bowl appearance streak all time at 36. When they claimed the record they even made rings for it.
  • Appalachian State finished their season with a 6-6 record, but will have to sit out the bowl season. This is due to them defeating two FCS teams, and only one of those wins count towards bowl eligibility. So for bowl eligibility purposes they are sitting at 5-6.
  • The Miami Hurricanes have only won one bowl game in the past decade. This is actually their second consecutive season where they will not make a trip to a bowl game. (2021 was due to COVID-19 issues)

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