Four-Star Running Back Anthony Carrie Still Considering Notre Dame in Top Six Choices

Fifth Quarter has received word that Florida native Anthony Carrie is still considering Notre Dame in his top six choices. The four-star running back has stood out on the field, with a height of 6 feet and a weight of 185 pounds. He’s been ranked 14th overall in his position and 192nd nationwide, according to 247Sports composite rankings.

Notre Dame’s running back team is up and running, led by a successful tandem of Audric Estime and Logan Diggs. But as always, with future plans in sight, the fighting Irish have started to look ahead. Jadarian Price and Jeremiyah Love are the next in line, and the 2024 class could add another back to the mix, hopefully with the acquisition of Anthony Carrie.

Aneyas Williams is also in the running for the role expected to go to Carrie; however, Carrie has managed to make the cutdown to the final six while Notre Dame hopes to come out on top in this recruitment. Carrie’s finalizing six schools and Notre Dame being one of them is fantastic news for the university. Notre Dame is hoping that Carrie decides to join the winning team and their fantastic running back program.

Notre Dame has made great use of its reputation to keep producing successful star players, all of whom sustained their excellent record even on the professional level. With its current team, Notre Dame is confident about great performance ahead. Notre Dame has its sights high enough and is willing to make everything possible to ensure long-term successes.

Anthony Carrie could be a great addition to the Notre Dame team. His excellent ranking makes him a promising candidate. And Notre Dame is hopeful and excellent in everything recruiting, so persuading Carrie to join the team should not be a problem. We await further announcements from Carrie and his ultimate decision, but for Notre Dame, they remain confident that things will work out great for their football team.