Florida State has HUGE odds to win 10+ Games for the second consecutive season. First time since 2015-2016

Florida State University, popularly known as FSU, celebrates the victory of winning 10 games in the previous season of 2022. Coming close to taking another win, the game against NC State ended in a loss despite holding a strong position in the first half. Returning with not only more experienced players but also with new talented recruits from the transfer portal, FSU is set to hold a strong position in 2023.

Is There a Possibility of 10+ Wins in 2023?

Bookmakers at Draftkings Sportsbook anticipate a strong performance from FSU in the forthcoming season. The team is currently enjoying favored odds to secure at least ten victories in the 2023 season. Reflecting this confidence, the over-under line for FSU’s win total is set to 10 with an over bet returning positive odds of +110. The under bet is priced slightly heavier at -130.

The win total predictions for the first 12 games of the usual season do not take into account the ACC Championship or any games that follow that. For those backing FSU to outperform their expectations, a scenario in which the team finishes the season with only a single loss or none would provide a positive return.

Does FSU Have Its Eye on the ACC?

Accompanying this prospect is the odds for FSU to clinch the ACC, presently inclined slightly below Clemson at +160, while Clemson stands at +155. The FSU team can provide a handsome $160 payout on a $100 bet. However, these sporting predictions, known as futures bets, might be impacted by potential injuries to key players during the season, tying up the money bet for the entire season.

Keep an Eye on Louisville as Well

Another team that is grabbing the attention of bettors is Louisville with a win total prediction of eight. Considering the easier schedule that they have compared to other ACC teams, Louisville is a sensible choice for sports bettors.

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