Florida Gators in Pursuit of Top Football Talent in Tyler, Texas

Tyler, Texas is churning out top-tier football talent and the Florida Gators are going after it hard. Derrick McFall, a 4-star athlete, has just revealed his top six schools, and Florida is among them. In a league with Texas, Texas A&M, TCU, Alabama and Louisville, the Gators will need to pull out all the stops.

Football enthusiasts gush over McFall’s versatility. The term ‘athlete’ aptly describes his playing style – a non-conformer to a single position. His junior year stats reflect an all-rounder game. 27 completed passes for a total of 445 yards, four touchdowns from his arm; 18 caught passes that amounted to 226 yards, and by foot, 44 carries over 218 yards for a touchdown – all that in the same season.

These stats might not steal the spotlight alone, but consistently delivering across the board has earned him a 360th overall player ranking nationally. McFall stands as the 14th-best athlete in class and the 60th best out of Texas, according to the On3’s Industry Ranking.

Flipping the player will not be easy for the Gators. The home state schools – A&M sits comfortably with a 92.4% chance, followed by Texas – are the heavy favorites for recruiting McFall, The prediction is based on the RPM measure from On3.

TCU trails behind Louisville. Florida, under Coach Napier, however, face an uphill battle. The football staff needs to arrange a visit for Derrick at The Swamp soon to stand a better chance.

If McFall commits to Florida, he offers versatility to the ’24 class roster, already boasting commendable offensive talent. Potentially, he could be the key to filling any gaps in the class. No doubt, the Gators are fighting for an impressive pick.