Florida Gators Back to Back Losing Seasons

The Florida Gator faithful were already downplaying the bowl game before it happened, now it is one they will want to forget. The Florida Gators lost to the Oregon State Beavers in today’s Las Vegas Bowl. The #14 Beavers dominated the game in all three phases but limited the Gator offense. With so many opt-outs and injuries for the Gators, their fans would make you believe they brought the scout team today. This is Florida’s second consecutive losing season. This has NOT happened in Gainesville since 1978-1979. To say that Billy Napier and the Gators have their work cut out for them is an understatement.

Back to Back Losing Seasons in Gator History (since 1950)

  • 2021-2022
  • 1978-1979

It will be interesting to see how much time the Gator faithful and Gator administration give the first-year Head Coach Billy Napier. Will they be patient like their rivals in Tallahassee, or will they pull the trigger fast like Auburn if expectations aren’t met? The coach they lost to today Jonathan Smith was 9-22 in his first three seasons. We do know that the SEC doesn’t have the patience like other conferences. It will be intriguing to see if the Gators want a quick fix or patience to build it back up.

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