Finebaum “We will be watching Deion very closely”

The buzz around the college football world for the fall of 2023 is insane. We are only in the month of February, and speculation is going crazy around the Colorado football program. Everyone wants to put their opinion on projecting how Deion Sanders will do at Colorado.

One of those opinions came from ESPN’s Paul Finebaum yesterday on McElroy and Cubelic. While Finebaum could be considered a general CFB personal, he will never be able to escape his SEC Roots. Colorado and PAC 12 fans are probably exhausted from hearing his remarks and wishing he would stay in his own lane. Here is what Paul Finebaum had to say about the Colorado Buffalos and Deion Sanders.

“I think the first couple of games will be a novelty,” Finebaum said. “I couldn’t imagine how he could turn this thing around completely. I don’t think he has a very high ceiling. Everyone will be cheering for him. Losses will be masked as wins. …We will be watching Deion very closely but if they get off to a 2-6 start, we won’t be watching them. That’s just the nature of college football.” – Paul Finebaum

If you take Finebaum’s quote in it’s entirety it is totally logical. Most casuals will be watching just because of who Deion is. If it doesn’t go right, of course people will find other things to watch. Majority of America only wants to watch winners. I will say people are going to watch Deion regardless with the uniqueness he brings.

I think people also need to rmemeber that being a first year head coach and having major success is a rarity. It’s also not like Coach Prime is inheriting anything great either. How do you think Deion Sanders does in his first season as the head coach of Colorado?

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