Finebaum: The Big Ten Likely To Add Two More Teams

Here we go again with conference realignment and we haven’t even concluded bow season yet. Yesterday ESPN analyst Paul Finebaum had an interview with the Rutgers Wire and the topic was conference realignment. Obviously, we all know Paul Finebaum is the golden boy of ESPN’s SEC Network. Well, the main focus of this conversation was on the Big Ten and likely adding two more teams.

“I think in time, I mean, having watched up close with the SEC with Oklahoma and Texas – these are very complicated. moves. And I think you just can’t take four or five at the same time because the schedules are intricate and difficult. So I think once everything starts to shift, and the landscape settles down a little bit, I firmly believe that the Big Ten will continue the acquisition of more schools. I know that sounds crazy since we’re talking about college football here college sports, but I don’t believe they’re done yet. So yeah, I think there’ll be big game hunting in a few years.” Paul Finebaum

With the SEC adding Oklahoma and Texas it has been an arms race between them and the Big Ten at this point. As they have been the most active in the conference realignment sphere. Meanwhile, the ACC, Big 12, and PAC 12 just are in survival mode at this point. Keeping the SEC and Big 10 away from more of their teams.

After the Big Ten poached USC and UCLA the speculation headed toward Oregon and Washington. This would not only give the LA Programs geographical friends, but it would secure the pacific coast for the Big Ten. Imagine a midwest conference also owning the crown jewels on the Pacific as well. Conference realignment these days are all about TV Markets and new geographical footprints.

“I think Oregon and Washington are the two schools that would be the first first to go. Yeah, I still think there’s some movement left in the Big 12 so I don’t think that affects the big, the Big Ten can get who they want. I felt it for some time,” Paul Finebaum

If an ESPN talking head is speculating Oregon and Washington as the next moves it’s not just smoke, it’s fire. As you know the Big 10 has deals with FOX and ESPN. It will be interesting to know if either media company is trying to persuade the decision of more realignment.

I think in the near future you are going to have to watch teams like Clemson, Florida State, Miami, North Carolina, etc for being poached for either conference. In today’s age of college athletics geography does not matter and everyone is free game. Will we see two mega conferences from the SEC and Big Ten take everything over?

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