Fifth Quarter Plus is a new single subscription that will give you access to all premium Fifth Quarter content and will remove ads from all Fifth Quarter websites.



Remove advertisements from Fifth Quarter

Remove advertisements from FQ Forum

Access to FQ+ board on FQ Forum

Exclusive Discord with Former Players and Insiders


Coming Soon

Exclusive Podcast Episodes

How to join Fifth Quarter Plus

Step 1:  Create a Discord account

To create a discord account go to and click the “Open Discord” button.  Then enter a username of your choice (you can always change this later!)

Step 2:  Download the Discord App

After your account has been made we highly recommend downloading the Discord app.  Click on your device below to download your cooresponding app!





Step 3:  Make note of your discord username and tag number

While logged into discord your full discord name (format: username#0000) can be found at the bottom left of your app or in your Account info under settings.  You will need this when you register for FQ+.

Step 4:  Join the fifth quarter discord server

After you have created a discord account, join the Fifth Quarter discord server as an initially free member.

Step 5:  Sign Up for Fifth quarter plus