Fictional: College Football Coach That Most Likely to be a Serial Killer?

There’s a question that has been asked by many sports fans for years––which college football coach is most likely to be a serial killer? While it may sound absurd, it’s a question born out of a fascination with the unpredictable nature of college football and the strong personalities that drive its success. And it was a popular topic during the Athletic 2021 College Football Head Coach Draft livestream.

During the livestream, the panelists raised this amusing and slightly disturbing question as a nod to football fans who like to poke fun at the darker side of the sport. They discussed coaches who might fit the bill based on factors like intensity, appearance, and overall demeanor.

Though no one may take the concept seriously, it highlights how people are fascinated by the intensity and sometimes odd personalities displayed by coaches in college football.

One of the coaches suggested and discussed was Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy. Known for his infamous “I’m a man, I’m 40” rant and his mullet hairstyle, Gundy’s fiery disposition led the panel to contemplate his dark side.

Another name mentioned was Purdue’s Jeff Brohm. Despite the Boilermakers’ more humble football reputation, the focus on Brohm stemmed from his seemingly perpetual scowl, which seems to give the appearance of a man constantly scheming.

Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh was also a popular choice. Known for his eccentric personality, Harbaugh has often been a target of fans’ jokes. His intensity and willingness to take part in sleepovers with recruits only adds to this image.

Though all of these choices were made in jest, they do showcase how much college football is driven by the unique traits and attitudes of its coaches. Fans appreciate these quirks and eccentricities, whether it’s Nick Saban’s perfectionism, Dabo Swinney’s relentless positivity, or Ed Orgeron’s distinctive voice.

In the end, while nobody genuinely believes any college football coach is a serial killer, playful banter about their personalities is just another layer that makes the sport more entertaining and captivating for millions of fans.

So, as this college football season unfolds, remember to keep an eye out for these charismatic coaches and their sometimes uncanny behavior. It’s all a part of the game we know and love.