Deion Sanders: Get your shots in now

Deion Sanders, possibly the most polarizing figure in recent college football history, has a message for his haters: take your shots now. The former NFL star-turned-coach is well aware of the mixed opinions surrounding his performance, and he’s ready to address his doubters head-on.

In a recent interview on Big Noon Conversations with former Colorado walk-on quarterback Joel Klatt, Sanders discussed the state of the football program he is determined to transform. Despite Colorado’s 1-11 season record, Sanders remains unapologetically himself in the face of criticism.

Sanders disagrees with Klatt’s statement that fans do not fully understand the state of the program. Instead, he believes they are fully aware of the situation and are simply using it as an opportunity to criticize him. As Sanders puts it, “They better shoot now… because in a moment, you’re not going to be able to shoot.”

It’s clear that Sanders sees the potential for improvement in Colorado’s football program and believes he is the right person to elevate it to new heights. He also touched on the season opener against TCU and his thoughts on the current state of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) in college sports.

Coach Prime, as he is often called, has no issues with the concept of NIL but expressed concerns with the growing popularity of collectives. The charismatic leader remains focused on making a positive impact on the program and its players, seemingly unphased by the challenges presented by detractors.

As Fifth Quarter continues to monitor the progress of Deion Sanders and the Colorado football program, one thing is certain: Coach Prime will not shy away from criticism. Instead, he will face it head-on while working tirelessly to turn around a struggling team on the brink of a new era.