Column: How Spoiled are Alabama Fans?

Photo credit: Crimson Tide Photos/Alabama athletics

We have all seen crazy reactions from fans across the college football landscape. Some of the strangest, however, cheer for the nation’s premier program — Alabama.

When the Crimson Tide miss out on a recruit, the first half doesn’t go as well, or they simply win anything less than a national championship, Alabama fans go berserk. The majority of fans around the country would be grateful for a “bad” Alabama season.

So, how good has Alabama been during the Nick Saban era to make its fans this spoiled?


“He who gets the best players usually wins.” – Bobby Bowden

During the Saban era, recruiting has always been among the best. More often than not, Alabama’s class is the best. That is the first reason why Alabama has been successful.

Yes, you have to have coaches develop that talent, but when the blue chippers always drift your way, success is inevitable. Since 2011, Alabama has finished with the top recruiting class nine times, according to the 247Sports Composite rankings.

Yes, there have been years where the Crimson Tide did not bring home the top class. But there has never been a year where they didn’t finish in the top five since 2011 and only once did they finish outside the top three.

Given these numbers, it’s easy to see why fans might freak out if they miss on a recruit.


Losses under Saban haven’t been common since his first year at Alabama in 2007. That year, the Crimson Tide closed the regular season on a 4-game losing streak before beating Colorado in the Independence Bowl to finish 7-6.

Since then, Alabama fans have only had to sit through 19 total losses; six of them were in major bowl games or national championships. Compare that with the loss totals of other blue bloods and well-regarded programs below:

Alabama 2008-present: 19

Tennessee 2018-present: 25

Michigan 2016-present: 21

Nebraska 2019-present: 21

Florida State 2019-present: 20

Texas A&M 2017-present: 20

When Alabama fans walk into a stadium, they almost always walk out with their team securing a victory.

By the Numbers: Accomplishments from 2008-Present

If anyone needed further proof as to how good Alabama has been, here’s a by-the-numbers look:

  • 6 national championships
  • 8 SEC championships
  • 11 SEC West divisional titles or shared titles
  • 11 bowl wins (including BCS National Championship wins)
  • 7 College Football Playoff appearances (out of 8 total)
  • 176-19 overall record
  • 4 Heisman Trophy winners

What will the Alabama program look like when Saban finally does retire? Give us your thoughts in the comment section.