Column: FSU Softball’s Michaela Edenfield is the “IT” Factor

Florida State softball catcher Michaela Edenfield is one of the most recognizable faces of women’s sports in Tallahassee.

Edenfield is the female athlete who parents should want their daughters to strive to be like — on and off the field. Her story alone is a testament to what a young woman goes through growing up. She has such a great attitude and mindset — no matter the adversity that she faces.

Michaela’s “War Paint”

There recently was a story published about how cosmetics has helped her face bullying and how they gave her the confidence she needed. As you can see when she’s on the field, she is wearing her cosmetics, or as FSU fans like to call it — her war paint. No matter what we like to call it, she uses it to help elevate her confidence. In return, it enhances her performance on the field.

She is instantly recognizable on the softball field. From her makeup to her mammoth home runs, she is a standout player and a stand-up student-athlete whose anti-bullying stance has become a focal point of her larger-than-life persona.

Edenfield combats negativity by not letting anyone break her spirit or bring her out of character. She has the confidence that many young women need as they face bullying and adversities in their everyday life. Edenfield is and should be recognized as a face for anti-bullying.

Area 51

Edenfield is the starting catcher for FSU and among the top five freshmen nationally when it comes to home runs. She is a top 10 finalist for NFCA Freshman of the Year.

She has already acquired her brand nickname “Area 51” for two reasons. The first is that 51 is her jersey number. The second reason is that when Edenfield is at the plate, she can send any pitch into orbit.

She also helped lead the Seminoles to the program’s 18th ACC title this past season; that’s more than all other ACC teams combined. Young female athletes like Edenfield don’t come around every day.

She chose to bring her talent and leadership skills to FSU where she has served an inspiration for young women. Edenfield will continue to be a voice against bullying and for equality.

Micconope 1851

The NIL collective, Micconope 1851, made it a point to show its appreciation for what Edenfield brings to Florida State women’s athletics and young women across the country. The newest NIL collective for FSU athletic programs made sure she was the first Micconope 1851 athlete to become an ambassador.

Micconope 1851 brought Edenfield and the Gin & Cotton Boutique company together for her first NIL deal with Micconope 1851. It was the first NIL for both the collective and the manufacturer. Gin & Cotton Boutique Company is female athlete-owned as well.

Micconope 1851’s efforts to support a female athlete and woman-owned business first was no accident. As most are aware, FSU was originally an all-female college.

As for Edenfield, she’ll likely have numerous opportunities to be an inspiration to girls and young women. For FSU softball and Micconope 1851, she is a wonderful representative.

In addition to her prowess as a player, Edenfield is unafraid to be bold and to take a stand for what she believes is right. When all is said and done, she will be remembered as more than just a power-hitting catcher. She’ll be long regarded as someone who paved the way for the next generation of FSU female athletes.