College Football Playoffs: 4th Seed Magic

It’s crazy to think that some want to expand the playoffs when we already have so many lopsided games as it is in a four team playoffs. Yet, when the right team gets the fourth seed in the playoffs, it sort of makes everyone take notice. There have only been two teams to win the playoffs as the fourth seed. 2014 Ohio State did it with their third string quarterback as we all remember. Then 2017 Alabama won it all as the fourth seed, a year they didn’t even make their conference championship game.

Here we are again in 2022, and The Ohio State Buckeyes have another opportunity to show the 4th seed does have some magic. Honestly, if you are the one seed the last team I’d want to see as my semifinal opponent is Ohio State. So let’s take a look at how the 4th seed could hold some magic again in the College Football Playoffs.

Ohio State’s Passing Game versus the UGA Pass Defense

CJ Stroud has an opportunity to show that he is the best player in the nation. Put up huge offensive production against Georgia, and he has a case. Georgia doesn’t have many weaknesses that’s why they are the #1 seed and defending national champions. If they did have a weakness it would be their pass defense.

Georgia this year in 2022 is ranked #52 overall in Pass Defense, allowing over 200 passing yards per game. The key here is if the offensive line can give CJ Stroud time, I think the Buckeyes can take advantage of the vertical passing attack. Ohio State is top 5 in all of the FBS with giving up only eight sacks this season.

Limit the BIG Play

The offense has an opportunity as they can expose a known weakness. The defense will have to do their part, and patch up their weakness. Georgia is #9 in the country with 78 plays of 20+ yards. Those explosive big plays will have to be limited if Ohio State wants an opportunity to beat the Dawgs.

On the counter end, the Buckeyes are #18 in allowing the most 20+ yard plays. Ohio State has allowed 42 of these plays this season, showing some vulnerability. The Buckeyes are going to have to make Georgia earn it.

Let us know in the comments below. If these two objectives are achieved will we see some 4th seed magic again?

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