Colin Cowherd wants the USC Notre Dame rivalry to DIE

USC football wants to escape its Week 1 showdown against LSU. Colin Cowherd has a bold proposal for the Trojans’ schedule.

On his show, The Herd, Cowherd took a deeper look at USC’s demanding schedule. Moving to the Big Ten places the Trojans against champions like Michigan and playoff regulars like Washington and Ohio State.

UCLA and Oregon add even more pressure. Cowherd argues these challenges justify backing out of the LSU game. USC should also consider ending its annual clash with Notre Dame.

College football has shifted dramatically. Conferences prioritize current benefits over historical rivalries. The Pac-12’s disbandment is a prime example. Tradition has taken a back seat, Cowherd suggests, and USC should follow suit.

He believes non-conference games should be easy wins for USC. Focus on surviving the Big Ten rather than maintaining a rivalry with Notre Dame. History in college football is losing ground to the present.

Travel fatigue compounds USC’s woes. Trips from Los Angeles to the far reaches of the Big Ten, like Maryland and Rutgers, are taxing. Players and coaches must manage long flights and time zones.

Cowherd points to the larger shifts in college football leadership. The sport’s decision-makers have sidelined regional traditions. USC’s attempts to modify its schedule, including moving the LSU game, reflect this trend.

If traditions can fade, the storied USC-Notre Dame game might be next. Ending these games could be a consequence of adapting to modern challenges. The schedule should prioritize sustainability for the Trojans.

This season could mark the beginning of significant scheduling changes for USC. With the sport evolving, decisions by institutions like USC are only the start of broader shifts.