By the Numbers: SEC Championships for Each School by Percentage

Photo credit: Crimson Tide Photos/Alabama athletics

Over the last decade, less than 30% of the teams in the SEC have been able to claim the conference crown.

Seven of the last 10 titles belong to Alabama. Auburn, LSU and Georgia have each claimed one since 2012.

While every year is different with things rapidly changing in college football, one should be slow to disregard history. Entering 2022, reigning SEC champion Alabama and reigning national champion Georgia are the two favorites to reign supreme in the nation’s premier conference.

When it comes to the highest percentage of seasons where those teams claimed the conference crown, the Crimson Tide and Bulldogs sit at No. 1 and No. 2. Once Oklahoma and Texas are added to the SEC, winning the conference will become even tougher.

Percentage of SEC Championships vs. Duration in the Conference

Before looking at the list, understand that the the percentages are just over 100%. Prior to the inception of the SEC Championship in 1992, it was possible for teams to share the conference crown.

For instance, in 1946, both Tennessee and Georgia claim the SEC championship. It’s also worth noting that not every team has spent the same number of years as a member.

1) Alabama 33%

T-2) Georgia 15%

T-2) Tennessee 15%

4) LSU 14%

T-5) Auburn 9%

T-5) Florida 9%

7) Ole Miss 7%

8) Kentucky 2%

9) Mississippi State 1%

T-10) Arkansas 0%

T-10) Missouri 0%

T-10) South Carolina 0%

T-10) Vanderbilt 0%

Perhaps the biggest surprise is Tennessee being listed in a tie for No. 2. Even though the Volunteers haven’t won the SEC since 1998, they still have 13 SEC titles. That is the same number as Georgia.

If you want to dig even further yourself, check out this Wikipedia page.

What else surprises you about this list? Is anyone picking someone other than Alabama or Georgia to win the conference in 2022? Let us know in the comments section.