Brian Hartline Reveals Big Aspirations for NFL Coaching Career

Ohio State offensive coordinator Brian Hartline has said that he sees himself as an NFL coach one day. On a recent episode of the “Bussin’ with the Boys” podcast, the former Buckeyes and NFL receiver said that while he loves Ohio State, his heart belongs in the NFL. Hartline also mentioned that he sees himself being an NFL head coach once he has won a national title at the college level.

Known for being one of the most dynamic recruiting presences in college football, Hartline quickly made a name for himself when he first joined the Buckeyes coaching staff in 2017. He played a large role in building some of the most formidable receiving units in the game, where they continue to reload and develop recruits.

Hartline, who is entering his first year as Ohio State’s offensive coordinator, has had a meteoric rise in the coaching profession. The past Ohio State coordinators, including Kevin Wilson and Tom Herman, have left for Group of Five head coaching opportunities, while Ryan Day ascended to the Buckeyes head coaching position.

During his interview with the podcast, Hartline drew comparisons between the NFL and college football, stating that the former is the all-star league of the latter, and that he loves the degree of separation being so small.

While Hartline has a clear vision of where his coaching career could take him, he did mention that he was focused on winning at Ohio State first. Hartline also said that he would love to be able to build a team like he had with the Buckeyes receiving room, and be a head coach and try to do that.

Although he could not predict where his coaching career would take him, he did say that his ambitions lie in the NFL. Hartline made it clear that he would only be interested in coaching in the NFL if he had the opportunity to win a Super Bowl.