Brady without Gronk

We all witnessed last night the oldest QB to ever play in a playoff game. That QB is considered the greatest of all time to play the sport. Yet it seems like Father Time is the one who will always win. At 45 years old Tom Brady captained the Buccaneers to another playoff berth, but it ended in disappointment. The Buccaneers lost 31-14 to the Dallas Cowboys in an NFL Wild Card Game last night.

It really had me thinking that yes Tom Brady is getting older, but man it was sad to see him go out last night without Rob Gronkowski. Then it had me thinking about how does Brady’s statistics compare to when he has Rob Gronkowski to when he doesn’t.

If you didn’t know there is an awesome website out there called StatMuse where you can look up just about anything. This is the source from our topic today. So let’s look at how Brady has done without Gronk. I am not making any claims, but this is just out of curiosity.

Brady with and without Gronk

Tom Brady without Rob Gronkowski

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