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Colton Braun has become well known with Nebraska fans recently with his graphic edits. He makes them for players on the football team. We figured here at Fifth Quarter, we would let the fans learn more about him with a two-part series.

Here is the second part:

7. What is your top three favorite graphics you made?

My favorite three in order would have to be the Damian Jackson (Sports Illustrated cover), Omar Manning Rolling Stone magazine cover, and Wan’Dale Robinson graphic posted on July 23. The Damian Jackson SI cover was something I was very passionate about making, because it really captures the essence of a Husker football player. At the end of the day, these kids are more than athletes; they are people, just like you and I. With Damian being a former Navy Seal, it was only fitting to create a United States-themed edit showcasing his life as a Seal and Husker football player.

8. What graphic had the most interaction? 

9. Have you had any current Huskers players reach out and say thanks and such for you making a graphic?

I’ve had a few request from guys like Sevion Morrison and Nouredin Nouli and have had interactions with JD Spielman, Rahmir Johnson, Wan’Dale Robinson, and Omar Manning among others.

10. Any big projects coming up with designs?

I’m working on a few album cover-like edits right now and am looking to feature Scott Frost in one in the near future.

11. Favorite current player?

My favorite current Husker player is Wan’Dale Robinson. In 2018, I was blown away by Rondale Moore at Purdue and I think they possess similar skill sets. What makes Wan’Dale special is his ability to make defenders miss in space and his love for the game.

12. Favorite former player and why?

Nathan Gerry, without a doubt. Nate played with so much swagger and nastiness; it was impossible not to love that guy. I remember him intercepting a pass and handing the ball back to the quarterback that threw it. He was just a different breed.