Photo provided (shown @rahmir_johnson)

Colton Braun has become well known with Nebraska fans recently with his graphic edits. He makes them for players on the football team. We figured here at Fifth Quarter, we would let the fans learn more about him with a two-part series.

1. Did you grow up being a Nebraska fan?

Yes, my dad always talked about Tom Osborne, Tommie Frazier, and Lawrence Phillips. My passion for Husker football started earlier than I can remember and it’s all thanks to my dad for introducing me to it. Unfortunately, our recent history hasn’t been too much to brag about, but I know (athletic director) Bill Moos and (head coach) Scott Frost have the right things in place to return Nebraska football to its former glory.

2. What is your first memory of Husker football?

For some reason, I distinctly remember sitting in my garage watching No. 19 Nebraska on the road against No. 4 USC in 2006. I was only seven years old at the time, but I believe that’s the game when USC’s running back, Ryan Powdrell, suffered a gruesome leg injury.

3. What is your favorite memory?

My favorite memory would have to be Adrian Martinez’s first touchdown as a Husker vs. Colorado in 2018 or Scott Frost’s first tunnel walk as our head coach.

4. What is a memory you wish never happened?

The last second of the (2009) Big 12 Championship game against Texas.

5. Did you attend Nebraska for school? If so, what was your major?

I was a freshman at (Nebraska) in 2018, studying computer science, but started a digital marketing agency (SocialSurge) and focused all of my attention on my business and helping other small businesses build their brand.

6. What made you get into doing graphic designs for Husker sports?

I was always fairly artistic growing up, but would usually create things to pass time and get my mind off things. I’ve always had an incredible passion for Husker football and decided to put the two together. At first, I was hesitant to post them on social media, but I’ve had an overwhelming amount of love and support from Husker Nation. I can’t thank everyone enough for the kind words and encouragement.