Photo courtesy of Nebraska athletics

The Big Ten is back and we can finally be rest-assured.

The news comes courtesy of Nebraska President Ted Carter. Carter released some information early Tuesday after a hot mic discussion was recorded before his normal press conference.

“We’re getting ready to announce the (Corn)huskers and Big Ten football tonight,” he said. This news is courtesy of KETV in the Omaha area. This situation has shown signs of poor communication and frustration for presidents and chancellors. The Big Ten has also been taking steps in the right direction over the past few weeks.

Protocol Changes

New protocols, such as medical and scheduling procedures, will be put in place during the COVID-19 era to allow for better safety of the athletes. Ths start date has been announced as Oct. 23 which is a Friday. Daily antigen testing will be required with a start date on Sept. 30. The Big Ten has decided the medical evidence gives them enough reason to bring it back just in time to be eligible for postseason play. 

The Big Ten will join the likes of the ACC, SEC, and Big 12 in the Power 5 conference ranks. Big Ten followers can thank the likes of Nebraska, Iowa, and Ohio State for putting the wheels in motion weeks ago. Pressure from some Big Ten schools with lawsuits and public comment has forced the hand of the conference officials.

The results of the vote to bring the conference back were unanimous. All 14 Big Ten schools are voting to play after much speculation of that not being the case.

The other major protocols include a 21-day absence given a positive test and if the school has a 5% positivity rate, then the program will shut down. The late start to the season and lack of wiggle room makes this an extremely tough situation. 

Only time will tell for how long this season continues considering the cancellation of other FBS games due to COVID-19. The belief is that the Big Ten has a pretty solidified plan in place for the upcoming 2020 season.