Big 12 Conference Continues to Expand: Who is next?

Big 12 Expansion Continues

The landscape of college football continues to shift as rumors of further expansion within the Big 12 conference make waves. Colorado’s recent move to join the Big 12 marks the conference’s first expansion in over a decade. However, it’s becoming increasingly clear that this drastic change is only the beginning.

A Shake Up for the Pac-12

Colorado’s switch has disrupted the balance of the Pac-12 conference. The conference was already dealing with the upcoming exits of UCLA and USC to the Big Ten. Now, with Colorado’s departure, the Pac-12 is left even more vulnerable.

But the instability within the Pac-12 isn’t the end-story. Speculations are rife that the Big 12 isn’t planning to stop at 13. Sources intimate that the conference aims to round out its membership to an even 14.

Arizona: A Potential Addition?

Recent rumblings suggest that Arizona could be the 14th addition to the Big 12 conference. Arizona’s president, Bobby Robbins, has been publicly non-committal, expressing the desire to review the terms of the Pac-12’s new media deal before making any major decisions. But, the air of uncertainty within the Pac-12 combined with potential opportunities within the Big 12 could influence the final decision.

Arizona is a valuable asset, particularly in terms of their basketball program. Their rich history and ambitions in basketball are a clear match for the Big 12. Especially considering the departure of UCLA, a major loss of basketball prowess for the Pac-12.

A Balanced Ensemble

In addition to being a top contender on the basketball front, Arizona also brings a credible football presence to the table. Although recent years haven’t been spectacular for the Wildcats on the football field, they have achieved a ten-win season and a top 25 finish this century- something not all potential additions can boast of.

The inclusion of Arizona could, therefore, provide the Big 12 with a balance on both the football and basketball fronts. It remains to be seen how these ongoing changes will shake up the college sports scene.

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