BettorEdge Sports Betting Picks (Jan. 19)


Welcome to the BettorEdge Picks of the Day!

Here is where we share a few of our favorite picks on BettorEdge. What is BettorEdge? Great question.

Legal in 45 states, BettorEdge is flipping the sports betting industry upside down. Instead of traditional sports betting, where the house has an edge, BettorEdge is a social betting dashboard, that connects users who each have their own ideas of what the line should be.

And the best part – there is no hold. Holds are how sportsbooks stay in business; a tax on the betting public. This lack of hold is what gives BettorEdge its legality in almost every state.

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Where in the USA you can use BettorEdge to sports bet.

The Math of BettorEdge

When a sportsbook posts a line with -110 for the Colts +8.5 or -110 for the Chiefs -8.5, a bettor is betting into a 4.55% hold. This means 4.55% of every dollar bet, in the long run, is going back to the sportsbook.

BettorEdge cuts through that, by allowing users to accept other users’ bets straight up. Users can submit any line and odds combination, and if someone else wants to accept, then the order is fulfilled and the bet is on.


Though articles are only starting Jan. 11, 2023, I’ve been using BettorEdge for some time.

To verify my record, my Action Network account can be found by searching for CJ Olson in the Action Network Sports Betting App.

OVERALL: 2.48% (608-651-17; +$40.96)

NFL: 8.93% (76-70; +$16.54)

NCAAM: 8.11% (118-149-2; +$29.15)

NHL: 4.83% (229-206-9; +$27.74)

CFB: 1.38% (63-66-2; +$2.23)

NBA: -9.57% (122-160-4; -$34.68)

Daily Article Record

Overall: 46-77, +14.27u

NCAAM: 21-38, +19.40u

NBA: 7-12, +8.57u

NFL: 4-6, -1.26u

NHL: 14-21, -13.49u

Top Picks for Today

Here are the top picks for the day that have already been fulfilled at the time of publishing, as well as the price on traditional books like FanDuel, DraftKings, PointsBet, etc. The prices come from BettorEdge’s ‘External Prices Tool’, which allow users to see just how much value they’re receiving on each BettorEdge bet.

For a complete list of every order submitted, follow me on BettorEdge (username: FifthQuarter).

Reminder, for $20 FREE from BettorEdge (no deposit required), use promo code “FQ” at signup, or go to


Rutgers ML (at Michigan State): +155 (+130 to +135 on traditional books)

Purdue Ft-Wayne ML (at Wright State): +169 (+140 to +145 on traditional books)

Georgia State ML (at Old Dominion): +223 (+180 to +195 on traditional books)

Indiana ML (at Illinois): +270 (+220 to +230 on traditional books)

Western Kentucky ML (at Louisiana Tech): +188 (+150 to +160 on traditional books)

Gonzaga -15.5 (vs. Loyola Marymount): +107 (-118 to -110 on traditional books)

USC ML (at Arizona): +334 (+275 to +290 on traditional books)

Washington State +3.5 (at Utah): +108 (-120 to -115 on traditional books)

Arizona State ML (vs. UCLA): +206 (+170 to +175 on traditional books)


Carolina Hurricanes ML (vs. Minnesota Wild): -148 (-180 to -175 on traditional books)

Minnesota Wild +1.5 (at Carolina Hurricanes): -135 (-180 to -168 on traditional books)

Montreal Canadiens +1.5 (vs. Florida Panthers): +101 (-120 to -115 on traditional books)

Chicago Blackhawks ML (at Philadelphia Flyers): +214 (+190 to +195 on traditional books)

New Jersey Devils / Seattle Kraken u6.5: +101 (-120 to -115 on traditional books)


Detroit Pistons ML (vs. Chicago Bulls): +275 (+235 to +240 on traditional books)

Golden State Warriors ML (at Boston Celtics): +236 (+205 to +210 on traditional books)

Minnesota Timberwolves ML (vs. Toronto Raptors): +193 (+155 to +165 on traditional books)

Portland Trail Blazers ML (vs. Philadelphia 76ers): +135 (+110 to +115 on traditional books)