Auburn WRs Struggling Early, But Showing Improvement

Photo from Zach Bland/Auburn Tigers

Following a rocky season, the Auburn offense is hoping to pick things up this year. This will rely heavily on the performance of both the quarterbacks and the wide receivers. However, the Tigers’ first scrimmage did not sit well with Coach Freeze.

Post-scrimmage, Freeze expressed his dissatisfaction at the wide receivers’ performance. There were too many missed assignments which he believes needs to be fixed before the season begins. Fortunately, they still have two weeks to put it together.

Despite the disappointing scrimmage, the subsequent week was solid. Auburn’s receivers are showing encouraging signs of bouncing back. Of note is that the scrimmage was held at a different venue from the regular practice ground, leading to speculation that the environment might be a factor.

Freeze discussed his concerns on the effect heat exerted on the team’s performance. According to him, team members seemed to have buckled under the high temperatures, contrary to how they usually handle heat during normal practice sections.

Drawing a distinction between practice and actual match conditions, Freeze noted that while there can be breaks and cool-downs during practice, game scenarios do not have such luxuries. As such, players need to better adapt to these conditions.

The good news is, since the initial scrimmage, there’s been impressive improvement from the Auburn wide receivers. Freeze spoke positively about the group while looking forward to the second scrimmage. He commended the team for having their best practice on Tuesday night and is excited to see how they’ll fare on Saturday.

Particularly, he cited the performance of Camden Brown (pictured above), who had a good practice recently after trying to bounce back from injury. It is hoped that this will bring some needed depth to the team.

As the team aims to revamp their offense, the focus will stay on consistent performances and team members stepping up to the mantle. The coaches’ faith and the players’ resilience might just prove to be the ingredients for a fruitful season ahead.

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