Are Coaches Overwhelming High School Athletes?

Recruiting is a high-stakes game, with millions of dollars and the future of college programs on the line. But what about the recruits themselves? For these high school athletes, the constant attention from college coaches can be overwhelming.

At the recent SUP7R tournament, many top prospects expressed a desire for coaches to give them some space. They want to engage with coaches and build relationships, but they also want some free time to themselves. With 50-plus offers or a top 20 list, it’s not uncommon for recruits to be bombarded with calls and texts from coaches they don’t even have a serious interest in.

As three-star receiver Malachi Durant explained, “one thing that bugs me are the text messages.” He doesn’t want coaches to think he’s ignoring them, but he also doesn’t want to be constantly checking his phone. Some recruits have their parents or others help them manage their social media and messages to avoid coming off as rude or disinterested.

It’s important for coaches to read the room and develop a personal understanding of each player. While regular communication is necessary to build relationships, spamming inboxes with endless messages of little value can be a turn-off. Recruits are judging coaches and their commitments based on how they handle the recruiting process.

Washington commit Landon Bell said, “for the most part, I enjoyed it but everything depended on how the coach was and that’s how I judged my recruiting process.” Coaches need to strike a delicate balance between showing love and building relationships while also giving recruits some space and respecting their time.

Ultimately, it’s up to coaches to recruit, and it’s the lifeblood of every program. But by respecting the needs and desires of recruits, coaches can build stronger relationships and set themselves apart from the competition. It’s a delicate dance, but one that’s worth it for both sides in the end.

Source: Rivals

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