Anonymous Pac-12 Coach Questions Deion Sanders’ Ability as Head Coach for Colorado Buffaloes

An unidentified Pac-12 football coach recently expressed his doubts about Deion Sanders’ role as head coach for the Colorado Buffaloes. Criticizing Sanders’ ability to motivate a team that’s seen more downs than ups, he speculated that Colorado’s venture with Sanders could end up being a loss both for the coach and the team. He argued that Sandy could either drastically improve the team and leave for a bigger opportunity or face dismissal after a string of losses.

Insiders know that Sanders took Jackson State to soaring heights because the school could recruit players at the FBS-level, a privilege that he might not enjoy at Colorado. The anonymous coach questioned Sanders’ capability to handle significant defeats, something Sanders hasn’t experienced often.

On the flip side, it’s hard to overlook the dislike for Sanders among some circles. The coach, after all, is breathing new life into an almost forgotten league and shining the national sports spotlight on Colorado after over two decades. Could these individuals be resenting Sanders’ success out of sheer jealousy?

In the wake of these comments, Sanders issued a distinct Sunday morning response, speaking about being a “change agent.” His mission, as he stated, is not only about transforming his team, but also about making a broader impact on the society. He also mentioned his deep affection for his team, and stressed that nothing could shake that bond.

Sanders and the Buffaloes program are looking forward to their Power Five debut in the Pac-12. With all eyes on Sanders and the Buffaloes, the upcoming weeks are set to see a showdown unlike any other in recent Pac-12 memory.