Analyzing Boise State’s Defensive Strengths and Weaknesses Heading into the 2023 Season

Boise State is a powerhouse in men’s football, with a roster packed with talent. Chief among its strengths is a standout quarterback and skill players that are a match for any in the Group of Five. The team also boasts one of the Mountain West’s top linebackers. Furthermore, the Broncos also benefit from a relatively weak conference, with Fresno State standing out as their only major competition.

In fact, during the previous season, the Broncos defense was classified as one of the country’s best, according to some figures. However, it’s important to note that these statistics can be somewhat misleading. While Boise State performed impressively, they faced subpar competition.

Amid these abundant strengths, finding weak points in the Boise State team requires some level of nitpicking. The dig reveals two areas of concern — the relatively inexperienced secondary contingent, particularly at cornerback, and the defensive line.

The team’s defensive line has seen some changes, most notably the departure of its red-headed dynamo, Scott Matlock. Matlock was integral to Boise State’s success, with his performances often directly contributing to their successes.

His departure is a significant loss for the Broncos, which is further compounded by the departures of Divine Obichere (who graduated) and Jackson Cravens (who transferred to BYU). With these exits, only Herbert Gums, Ahmed Hassanein, and Cortez Hogans, who played significantly last season, remain on the defensive line for 2023.

However, it’s worth noting that some other potential contributors, including Demitri Washington and Gabe Hunter, aren’t included in the equation because they are not predominantly defensive linemen.