I’m an offensive line guy. That being said, I have a special affinity for the Wing T and Triple Option. Today, I rewatched the Army-Michigan game. The average fan is amazed that Michigan escaped, but the film doesn’t lie – Army left so many opportunities on the field. A few missed blocking assignments can kill a team like Army.

Wing T and Triple Option offenses take precision, and when it’s on, it works like clock work. The advantage to this system is that it forces the opposing defense to be wrong The offense dictates the flow of the play, and just has to make the right read. So let’s dive into this game, starting in the third quarter.



Coming out of halftime, Army changed their game plan up slightly. Instead of more option, they thought they could just run over Michigan. As you notice in the GIF below, Army comes out in an overload set. To the left side they have a guard, tackle, extra tackle, and TE. If you look below you can see how the play is drawn up with the blocking assignments.

Pay attention to the fact that each play is ran to the overload side. Army is not hiding where they are going. They have no respect for Michigan’s defense. Army only stopped themselves this drive.

Crappy Paint Drawing

This comes from the Belly series where the play side blocks everyone down. The play side guard pulls around and wraps up. Usually the rule is to kick out the last guy, but here, the DB is so far wide, there’s no point. If the play side guard climbs to the strong safety, this is a touchdown. Instead, he hesitates in the hole, and the only guy left to make the tackle – the strong safety – makes the tackle.


This drive doesn’t end in points for Army. It ends in a Michigan interception. Missed blocking assignments prevented them from putting this game away.

Army is still in their overload set staying in it this whole time, intending to bully Michigan. This is their normal speed option, where a pitch probably scores a touchdown. When executed correctly, the defense is always wrong. Here, Army dictated nothing to Michigan, and the Wolverines are able to contain it.

More Crappy Paint Drawing

Give props to the line here. You first see the back side scooping their guys out. Then, the play side guard and tackle absolutely get a gold star on their isolation blocks. The rule here is simple for the QB – when in doubt, keep the ball. This mindset minimizes turnovers. But a pitch would have been a TD, but easy to say during a slow replay

This whole drive was belly series & speed options. We have an overload to the left for Army and running their Belly Series to the play side. Watch how different the plays efficiency would have been if the TE would have went to MLB initially and if the pulling guard would have kept going downfield.


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