by | Nov 6, 2019 | Analysis, Fifth Quarter, Football, Sports

Field-Level View

Where to start with losing to Purdue? Let’s start with the worst play calling I have seen so far in the Frost era. 1997 Scott Frost would have been slack-jawed to see the 2019 version pass three times from inside the Purdue 10. To be fair, Adrian Martinez did run the ball to the 1 yard line on 3rd down, but Frost needed to man up and run the ball in. If you can’t get one yard on a run, you might not need to be playing Big 10 football.

Adrian Martinez is starting to remind me of another quarterback – Utah State’s Jordan Love. Slated to be a 1st rounder in this upcoming draft (3rd best), he now sits tied for the 5th-best with Jake Fromm. Adrian has not lived up to the hype so far. Frost needs to start looking to other options and see how they handle the turmoil. What we need, more than anything, is consistency. Not just from the quarterback, but from the entire team. In the words of Mo Barry, “New this, new that. That’s not going to work. We need consistency, that’s what’s going to have this where it needs to be is CONSISTENCY.” Once Big Red develops that consistency, you’ll see the Huskers start winning the tight games and get the ball rolling in the right direction.

View from the Coaches’ Box

With the firing of Willie Taggart this past weekend, the question crops up – is Frost’s leash getting shorter? I don’t believe so, personally, but I do see some Huskers fans calling for his head. I would love would to see the average joe fan turn around a Mike Riley-coached program. Look at Oregon State, it took some time, but now they have some things brewing in Corvallis. It’s going to take time to turn around a team that hasn’t been to a New Year’s Day Bowl since 2006. If we see the same program next year, then the question becomes much more valid.