Be Prepared (ACC Refs)

by | Oct 24, 2018 | Analysis

Today is a mini-post to give you a fair amount of time to mentally prepare yourself. While the Seminoles are multiple touchdown underdogs against the Clemson Tigers, it is not far-fetched to project them staying close. Last season, with a burnt out coach and a true freshman quarterback, the ‘Noles were still able to push Clemson further than they wanted to go. Don’t be surprised if FSU loses by multiple scores, but also be ready for a situation like 2016 as well – where the game is decided by a matter of inches. As Scar from Lion King sings, “BE PREPARRRREEDDD!”


I hate, Hate, HATE complaining about referees, as it is an aspect of football. Referees teach a hard lesson in life, and sometimes, that lesson is a terrible one.

“Fair is just a place you go to have fun, it doesn’t happen here.”¬†-Your favorite middle school gym teacher

“Life is fair – it’s awful for everyone equally!” – Willie Taggart’s grandmother

ACC Refs

If you are Florida State, or just not a protected program in the ACC, you aren’t going to get the benefit of the doubt. Think back to all the times where the Florida State basketball program has been screwed in Cameron Indoor against Duke, or other ACC venues. You could also think back a couple of weeks ago when the ACC refs blew a call to protect the – at the time – Coastal Division favorite Miami.









Or, you could think about the Clemson game two years ago, when the ACC Refs “f***** us”, as per our former head coach, and protected the eventual national champions.

Ah, the 2016 Florida State/Clemson game. The one where our Freshman quarterback was on fire, and competing well against now-NFL starter Deshaun Watson. The ‘Noles were keeping up with Clemson the whole game, and Dalvin Cook was starting to take over. In the 4th quarter, Florida State was winning 28-26, and ready to score again. Dalvin Cook took a long run into Clemson territory until a late flag came out. The ACC refs called a chop block against FB Freddie Stevenson, negated the run, and killed the drive. FSU might have run away with the game if that penalty was not called.

The bottom line, as we said after the Miami game, is this: You must play better than the referee’s calls. Failing to do so will come back to bite you.


Is it just me, or does anyone else shudder when they hear the name “Jeff Flanigan”? Let us know in the comments!


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