Kick “Lethal Simplicity”

by | Jul 22, 2018 | ACC, Analysis, FSU

Today we continue our studies in plays that were ran in the spring game. The plays we are going into detail on, are plays that were ran multiple times. If the play was ran multiple times in the spring game, that is a great indicator that it is a base foundation of the offense. Today you will see the play drawn up, and a gif to show what it looks like. Today we are breaking down the kick play, which is a simplistic thing of beauty. This play definitely goes under the term “Lethal Simplicity.”

Kick Drawn Up

As you can see the kick gets its name from the H “Hybrid Back’s” responsibility. When the play kick is called, it is the responsibility of the H-Back to “kick” out the last guy on the line of scrimmage to create an opening in the B Gap. It is crucial that the H-Back gets inside out on the defensive end, forcing him to create a bigger opening. The helmet of the H-back has to be on the inside half of the defensive end, or he will be able to slip the block and disrupt the play.

The playside offensive tackle and guard will have to double team the playside defensive tackle into the lap of the playside LB. The combination of the kick and double team from these two will create a huge hole. The guard and tackle must worry about the defensive tackle before they can even worry about the second line defender of the LB. Even if they miss the LB it is still a successful play of 3-4 yards.

The Center and backside guard are virtually doing the same thing to the backside defensive tackle, They will need to double team, and push the defender into the backside LB’s lap. From playside offensive tackle to backside guard creates a four our four matchup. The featured back will have a one on one matchup with the safety, if all blocks are picked up.

The backside offensive tackle has the easiest job, and that is to ensure the backside defensive end doesn’t cross his face.

Kick in Action


As you can see from the gif above the kick play was ran from the split formation that we talked about yesterday. If you look at the playside of the offensive line, they do a great job of blocking down, and getting movement. The backside LB does come free because the defense had a pre-called stunt, and the OL loses track of him. The kick from the H-Back #26 Vickers could have been better. He is initially aiming at the inside shoulder but hesitates as the DE runs up field. Anytime a DE runs up field they basically take themselves out of the play. Featured Back #22 Amir Rasul takes advantage of the wide open B gap, and gets a huge nine yard gain. You are going to see this play called a ton in the Taggart era.


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