Analyzing Quarterback Passing Statistics under Taggart

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Lethal Simplicity. Those two words are what quarterbacks under Willie Taggart have had success with over the years. No more waiting until a quarterback is ready, but the best player will start. Below we are going to be analyzing statistics of

the quarterback position under Willie Taggart. We are going from when he first started at Western Kentucky to his last season at South Florida. We will exclude last season at Oregon, due to his starting quarterback being hurt. So take at the look at the statistics below and leave your comments at the bottom!


2010 Western Kentucky


2011 Western Kentucky



2012 Western Kentucky



2013 South Florida



2014 South Florida



2015 South Florida



2016 South Florida





  • Every quarterback improved statistically every year, and their last year under Taggart was by far their best.
  • Only one quarterback never eclipsed the <60% Completion Rating
  • The two year development of Quinton Flowers has to make Nole fans excited for Blackman and Francois.


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