Alabama is one game away from the College Football Playoffs

The College Football Playoff Committee may have some huge decisions to make after #11 Utah upset #4 USC in the PAC 12 Title Game. The upset has opened doors for the two teams that were outside looking in. One would assume Ohio State has been given new life and they are automatically in. Alabama fans will be watching tomorrow’s Big 12 Championship game intently tomorrow. The game features #3 TCU versus #10 Kansas State. The two have played earlier in the season where TCU won by ten points. There’s real opportunity that if TCU loses tomorrow they could be placed behind Alabama. Right now you could easily say that Alabama is one game away from the College Football Playoffs.

Alabama’s Path to the College Football Playoffs

What about Tennessee?

Tennessee fans were angry knowing they were ranked one spot behind Alabama after beating them head to head earlier in the season. If the committee put Alabama ahead of Tennessee with no more games for either of them, I doubt it changes. No matter what you think, if both are already done for the season I seriously doubt it changes.

What about USC?

The Trojans had their chance in the PAC 12 title game tonight. They now have the same amount of losses than Alabama. Also it’s crazy to think that 6-6 Florida from the SEC defeated the PAC 12 Champion Utah earlier this season.

What about TCU?

There’s a great chance that if TCU loses by a slim margin tomorrow they could still be the #4 team as it would be their lone loss. They could still say they beat everyone on their schedule, and had one slip up. That would be one less slip up than Alabama. Yet, if they lost by multiple scores or maybe even a blow out the Crimson Tide could be rolling into the playoffs.

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