Alabama Breaks CFB Record

With their win over instate rival Auburn Saturday, the Alabama Crimson Tide have broken a record no one thought would ever be broken. The CFB record the Tide just broke was the most consecutive 10+ Win seasons. The record was previously held by Florida State completing the task 14 consecutive years from 1987-2000. The Alabama Crimson Tide has now done it 15 consecutive seasons from 2008-2022. While it’s not the typical Alabama season with a SEC or National Championship, this is still an incredible feat!

15 Consecutive 10+ Win Seasons

Alabama Breaks a CFB Record

2008: 12-2
2009: 14-0
2010: 10-3
2011: 12-1
2012: 13-1
2013: 11-2
2014: 12-2
2015: 14-1
2016: 14-1
2017: 13-1
2018: 14-1
2019: 11-2
2020: 13-0
2021: 13-2
2022: 10-2 (with a bowl game left)

I think it’s important to add some context. When FSU established this record it was an 11 game regular season. Now that we are in a 12 game regular season it makes the record somewhat easier to break. That being said nothing should be taken away from Alabama as you see the elite level of success above. Six out of the fifteen seasons above ended up with national championships. Eight out of the fifteen seasons above ended with SEC Championships.

The big question is “when will be the next season we see Alabama with less than ten wins?” It seems like under Nick Saban this is the bare minimum. Alabama, under Saban’s tenure, has changed college football forever as it seems everyone else is chasing an impossible standard.

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