Active Win Streaks in College Football

Today at Fifth Quarter we are going to break down the active win streaks in college football. Believe it or not, it’s hard to win a football game, especially consecutively. Believe it or not, it’s hard to win consecutive college football games that reach the double digits. There are only two teams right now that have winning streaks of over ten games. In this millennium alone there are only two college football programs that have strung together 30+ wins (Miami and USC). So let’s get down to it and see which teams are leading in this category.

Active Win Streaks in College Football

Georgia 16
Troy 11
Fresno State 9
Washington 7
Florida State 6

Here are your top 5 teams in the active winning streak. For Georgia to make it to golden #17 they are going to have to win the national championship against TCU. Meanwhile, the Sun Belt Champion Troy Trojans come in at #2, and one of the more impressive G5 teams this season. First-year head coach but coaching veteran Jeff Tedford at Fresno State has the Bulldogs rolling. While both Washington and Florida State will be hot topics this offseason, especially within their respective conferences.

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All-Time Winning Streaks in College Football

Oklahoma 47 (1953-1957)
Washington 40 (1908-1913)
Toledo 35 (1969-1971)
Miami 34 (2000-2002)
USC 34 (2003-2005)

In the past ten years the closest thing we have seen to runs like this above was 29 consecutive wins. Clemson did it recently from 2018-2018, and also Florida State from 2012-2014. Does anyone think the 47-game winning streak by Oklahoma will ever be broken?