Photo credit: Adam Creech/Louisville athletics

Revenge — one of the most dangerous words in the English language. But in the world of college football, it can be the sweetest word.

It was October 2018. Louisville, looking at what could be a bad season, still hoped to salvage its year. After a disappointing loss to Florida State the week prior, the Cardinals needed a bounce-back win to show the world that they were still a respectable program that could contend for a bowl that year.

In came Georgia Tech — a triple-option team and ACC foe Louisville had never lined up against. Georgia Tech had come into Louisville during the fan favorite “black out”. Louisville was gunning for a much-needed win. The start to the season had been tough, but there was hope for a turnaround.

542 rushing yards and 66 points later, it was obvious that Louisville was bad. Like really bad.

The 66-31 thrashing served as the worst home loss in the history of Cardinal Stadium. There was no righting this ship.

The Cardinals would finish that year 2-10 and without an ACC win. Head coach Bobby Petrino would be given the pink slip and Louisville football would have to rebuild from the ground up.

Only two years have passed since that game. A new opportunity has presented itself to Louisville in these hard times.

The ACC scheduling for cross-divisional games is different this year than others. With COVID-19 forcing new conference schedules, Louisville once again gets to face Georgia Tech — five years ahead of schedule.

This time around, will be much different than the last bout between ACC foes. Both teams have new coaches with new styles. Scott Satterfield for the Cardinals and Geoff Collins for Georgia Tech are looking to leave their marks on their programs. Under Collins, the Yellow Jackets have transitioned from an old traditional option game to a more modern style.

This is the night, this is the game, this is the chance. The chance for Louisville football to pay off another team who it owes a few “favors” to. A chance to show that much has changed since the 35-point beatdown two years ago. The chance to show that the future is bright under Satterfield.

Tonight is the night.