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The class of 2022 still has several months before most are on the front lines of the college football recruiting bonanza. The quarterback position, is once again no exception with gunslingers gobbling up rankings all along the top 150.

But, in fortunes of an amazing caliber, one of the top prospects in the entirety of the 50-star republic is in the commonwealth of Kentucky. He’s ranked as the top player in Kentucky, according to the 247Sports Composite rankings.

Gavin Wimsatt is a four-star prospect, who just so happens to hangs his hat in Owensboro. Wimsatt will also be one of the most sought-after gunslingers in the wild, wild western half of Kentucky.

After previously speaking with our Kentucky staff, we spoke to the standout quarterback to learn a little more:

Question 1: What will you value the most when choosing a school? Academics? A family environment? Rich history?

A: I say academics, because I’m a student-athlete. The student part always comes first, but I would also love a family environment.

Question 2: What type of offense are you hoping to play in on the college level? Any certain game styles you’re looking for?

A: Just a style of offense that fits me.

Question 3: Are you hoping to stay local during you college career or go to a school further away?

A: Just any place that is good for my education and is a home away from home.

Question 4: After your recent jump in national rankings, have you heard from more universities than previously?

A: Just a couple more new universities.

Question 5: What do you think is the strongest part of your game so far?

A: I think it’s being able to make plays when I need too.

Question 6: And what would you say is one of your elements you would like to work on more?

A: I would definitely say consistency.

Question 7: Did you grow up a fan of any certain player or team on the college and professional level?

A: I didn’t really grow up with a favorite team, but I loved watching college football. And I’d have to say one of my favorite players to watch in college football was Cam Newton.

Question 8: Is Cam Newton someone you model your game on?

A: Definitely someone who people compare my game too.

Question 9: How did you react to skyrocketing up the national rankings a few days ago?

A: I was super excited. The first thing I did was call my mom.

Question 10: And what was your mom’s reaction?

A: She was super happy; she might’ve been more excited than me.

Question 11: Did it feel good to see all your hard work up to this point be recognized?

A: Yes, sir. It’s definitely a blessing.

Question 12: Do you have a preference in conference when picking your college?

A: I don’t. I’m happy in whatever conference.

Question 13: Throwing it back to your statement on academics, what field of study will you pursue at the college level?

A: Sports management.

Question 14: Have you been developing good relationships with the local college coaches in the area?

A: Yes, sir. I have.

Question 15: Last question: is there any statement, question, or anything at all you’d like to say to local fans of yours or to the state in general?

A: Stay tuned!

To close, we would like to thank Mr. Wimsatt for taking the time to answer our questions. We wish him all the best and high success in his academic and athletic career going forward.