Photo via Sanders Twitter account

Louisville fans, young and old, have been on the edge of their seats for months wondering when they would see it.

Finally, it’s time to see where Shedeur Sanders, 4-star quarterback from Texas, goes to college. Louisville is considered one of the front runners if not the front runner in the Sanders sweepstakes. But Sanders himself seems to be keeping mum on where he chooses to further his career.

Mike Black, who covers Oregon for Fifth Quarter, decided to answer a few questions for the Cardinal crazies about his opinion on Slingin’ Sanders and his recruitment. We’re thankful to Mr. Black for his time.

Now’s the time to hop into the meat of the questions:

Question 1:

Q: When did Shedeur Sanders first catch your attention on the recruiting trail?

A: About the time Oregon offered is when I started to pay close attention.

Question 2:

Q: What was your first impression about Sanders game?

A: He is a really raw prospect, but athletic as all get out.

Question 3:

Q: What offers that Sanders currently holds stands out to you?

A: Offers-wise for me obviously would be the home team, Oregon. They’ve recruited very well at quarterback lately.

Question 4:

Q: Did Oregon or any other big-name West Coast teams heavily pursue Sanders to your knowledge?

A: Maybe a few, but not too terribly hard in my opinion. Honestly, I love the kid, love his attitude and love his mindset. That being said, I think he’s over-ranked and really raw. I’m not even positive he’s ever a Power 5 starter.

Question 5:

Q: Where do you expect Sanders to commit to?

A: Florida Atlantic.

Question 6:

Q: Is there any particular reason for that?

A: (FAU head coach Willie) Taggart and Sanders’ father, Deion, have a really good relationship. It seems like Sheduer and Deion trust Willie to develop him to reach his full potential.

Question 7:

Q: Do you see Sanders’ name attracting the eyes of any high-end talent in the future, say the 2022 class?

A: In all honesty, not really.

Question 8:

Q: Do you think Deion Sanders, Shedeur’s father, will be active around whatever program Sheduer chooses?

A: Maybe. But his heart will always be in Tallahassee with (Florida State).

Question 9:

Q: Do you think there is any major program that is liable to more hotly pursue Sanders later in the cycle and flip him?

A: Maryland is the only one I can see since they lost out on Caleb Williams. That’s unless a current commit flips or someone like (Florida) gets interested.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to a change in information from sources, the post was updated Monday morning.