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In our weekly segment, we talk to Tallahassee rapper and Florida State football super fan, TaReef KnockOut.

TaReef not only wants the Seminoles to win each week, but he wants them to look good while doing it. In the past, TaReef popularized hashtags such as #PackTheGarnetPants and #WhiteOutTheIrish.

Over the past few seasons, he was the most vocal voice on social media in his push for white jersey numbers to return to the home jerseys. Each week, TaReef will give his insight on the uniform selections for FSU and its opponent from the previous week and weigh in on what the Seminoles and their next opponent should wear for the contest upcoming.

No one in Tallahassee seems overly excited for Saturday’s showdown against No. 4 Clemson, but the games must be played and the uniforms must be worn. TaReef KnockOut weighs in on last week and what the Seminoles should sport this week.

TaReef KnockOut Weighs In

Thoughts on FSU’s uniform choice against NC State?

It was the right choice. We haven’t worn gold pants on the road all year surprisingly. Another uniform prediction that was correct, but unfortunately, the game outcome wasn’t. We’re running out of options.

Thoughts on NC State’s uniform choice?

The overall “Blood Moon” uniform look was cool. I still think Adidas does too much with their designs sometimes. It could’ve worked even simplified, but no issues from me.

What should FSU wear this week against Clemson?

Whatever uniforms that’ll pull off a heaven-sent miracle. Not sure we’ll have those uniforms ready and inside the locker room this week. I think (head coach Mike) Norvell goes traditional home again for the noon kickoff.

What should Clemson wear this week?

I’m intrigued to see what Clemson wears. It’s November, and a rivalry game. Clemson likes to bring their orange britches out when in the hunt for an ACC title, and national championship run. I hope they bring the orange pants. If not, all white it is.

Is there a team or teams that FSU has played or plays with regularity where you think the Noles’ uniforms mesh really well with when they meet on the field?

The first team that comes to mind for me is any time we play Florida. It’s so many different looks either team could go with. The uni match-ups always have a lot of potential. Garnet pants in Gainesville, or when Florida wears the blue pants at Doak (Campbell Stadium). I also enjoy the classic looks in any big-time rivalry game.

Recent Uniform History vs. Clemson

Florida State doesn’t mind switching it up at Clemson, but when the Tigers come to Tallahassee, it’s been exclusively traditional home uniforms for FSU. Since 1992 when FSU joined the ACC, the Seminoles have worn garnet jerseys and gold pants for every single home match-up against Clemson. In those contests, FSU is 11-3. The Tigers have won the last two.

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