Photo courtesy of Jeremy Esbrandt/Florida State athletics

Florida State football will visit Louisville this Saturday in what should be a close match-up. The Cardinals are currently favored by less than a touchdown.

Both FSU and Louisville have had disappointing seasons so far, so the stakes are higher than they seem. Both teams are in desperate need of the positive momentum this win would provide. FSU is 2-3 while the Cardinals are just 1-4.

Fifth Quarter FSU sat down with FQ Louisville to ask some questions in order to get the opposition’s perspectives on the upcoming game.

FQ FSU: FSU and Louisville have had performances all over the board so far. FSU has seemed to steadily improve. What growth has Louisville seen since game one?

FQ Louisville: In all honesty, the Cardinals have seen much more regression from last year instead of progression, especially on offense. If there has been any progression on this team, it’s the defense. The defense had a fine game against Notre Dame last week, holding Ian Book and company to only 12 points at home.

FQ FSU: FSU fans are extremely high on this match-up after knocking off North Carolina. How are Louisville fans feeling about this game?

FQ Louisville: Louisville fans feel that this game is a must-win, after starting off at a very disappointing 1-4. This game will tell whether Louisville can bounce back to go above .500 or if this will be a massive rebuilding year.

FQ FSU: The Cardinal offense struggled against Notre Dame last week. How do you think it will respond this Saturday?

FQ Louisville: I’m really not sure. The Cardinals have the personnel to thrive. They just haven’t gotten it all together. I’m not going to get super high about the offense until I see some evidence to tell me otherwise.

FQ FSU: What does FSU need to do in order to win this game?

FQ Louisville: On defense, make sure Louisville’s offense stays off-key and shaken. Offensively, consistently move the ball and tire out the defense as fast as possible.

FQ FSU: Score prediction and why?

FQ Louisville: A score prediction is harder than I would have thought it would be preseason. I saw some major positives from the Notre Dame game, but the entire rest of the season so far also gives some red flags. FSU, like Miami, always has solid athletes. However, Louisville’s defense made major strides last week and Louisville’s offense is due for a back-on-track game.

My bias for the Cardinals as well as it being a home game makes me give the U-of-L the nod in a 27-21 game, but I’m not cemented in that at all.