In a new weekly segment, we’ll be talking to Tallahassee rapper and Florida State football super fan, TaReef KnockOut.

TaReef not only wants the Seminoles to win each week, but he wants them to look good while doing it. In the past, TaReef popularized hashtags such as #PackTheGarnetPants and #WhiteOutTheIrish.

Over the past few seasons, he was the most vocal voice on social media in his push for white jersey numbers to return to the home jerseys. Each week, TaReef will give his insight on the uniform selections for FSU and its opponent from the previous week and weigh in on what the Seminoles and their next opponent should wear for the contest upcoming.

TaReef KnockOut Weighs In

Thoughts on FSU’s uniform choice against Notre Dame

I loved it! I thought it was 100% the right decision. Gold lids, white tops, and garnet pants on the road is my all-time favorite look for FSU. And in my opinion, the best uniform combo in college football. Thank you, Coach (Mike) Norvell for embracing #PackTheGarnetPants.

Thoughts on Notre Dame’s choice to wear navy on gold

It’s their iconic traditional look. I wasn’t expecting anything different this time, although they wore bright green jerseys in 2018.

What should FSU wear this week?

I feel we go traditional home this week. It’ll be our first prime time televised game at home this season. The traditional home look has improved so much since the addition of white numbers (pats self on the back). It also wouldn’t surprise me to see all-black with gold helmets. I’m fine with either look on Saturday.

What should North Carolina wear this week?

If I were inside the UNC equipment room this week, I would go with tri-color combo. Carolina blue lids, white tops, and navy pants. UNC went all white last week, so I expect a switch up. In 2016 at FSU, they wore white lids, white tops and Carolina blue pants. Mack Brown could request that look again, since they left Tallahassee victorious.

Recent Uniform History vs. North Carolina

Although Florida State has switched it up on the road, the Seminoles have been pretty content with the traditional garnet on gold against the Tar Heels at Doak Campbell Stadium. That’s the only combination worn by FSU against North Carolina at home.

As the home team in the 1983 Peach Bowl, FSU also wore that combination. FSU is 15-3-1 all-time against the Tar Heels. It is 8-2-1 at home against North Carolina and 9-2-1 in the traditional garnet on gold. North Carolina has won in each of its last two trips to Tallahassee — each by 37-35 scores and each on late field goals.

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