The Easy Fixes (differentiating between logical and crazy fans)

by | Sep 4, 2018 | ACC, FSU, News

The FSU fan base has to be an enigma for the whole world to see. We understand the disappointment, but some jumping off the cliff was ridiculous. Some fans were led astray by the negative voices in the fandom. Negative fans are not necessarily the problem but the crazy negative fans definitely are. If you are like me, you might spend time on FSU forums and FSU social media. All I am asking is not to buy into the crazy negativity yet as there is a lot left to look forward too. Differentiate from the crazies and become a better informed fan. The team will get better, and Coach Taggart will definitely get better.



“Here’s how I think of it. A couple of years ago Virginia Tech beat Ohio State and Ohio State ran the table. Why can’t that be us?” – @jacques_patrick


A big difference between this years team and last years team is leadership and that they are bought in. When we saw a terrible loss last year, the team was ready to throw in the towel. Instead we have senior leaders like the one above claiming accountability.




FSU Facebook: “Burn those black jerseys they are cursed. We will never win with those jerseys”


FSU Twitter: “We lost the game because we did not execute and play sound football. It had nothing to do with the jerseys. We lost six games in the traditional uniforms because of a lack of execution. Uniforms are not the problem.”


At this point in the program as a traditionalist myself, I am so glad we broadened out with our uniform choice. I will always love the gold lids, garnet tops, and gold pants. With saying that I will also love diversifying uniform choices to attract the best recruits to play for us. IF that means wearing the black uniforms, I am all for it. Losing is on execution, not what you wear.


The next three games


  • Samford
  • Northern Illinois
  • Syracuse


Florida State has so much room to improve the next three weeks with a favorable schedule. As a high school coach, I can tell you the most improvement comes from game one to game two. As someone who has played in a form of the air raid in college, the offense is like a diesel engine. It might take a while to get going, but once it is going it is hard to stop.

All I am asking is to keep an open mind the next three weeks, and then make your judgement going into our next major game.


What is still in play


  • Playoff Contention
  • ACC Championship
  • Bowl Opportunities
  • State Championship


We played terribly I get it, but with anything there is always adversity. While no one is expecting a playoff berth, we have to breathe and be a logical fan. No more cliff jumping this season, and melting down. Let us just see where it goes the next couple of weeks before cliff jumping after one game. Let us all be logical fans!




While it is not Willie Taggart’s first P5 game, let us put some perspective to it…..

Elite Head Coaches first games against P5 teams….

 Saban: Nebraska 50 Michigan St. 10

Fisher: Oklahoma 47 FSU 17

Swinney: Georgia Tech 30 Clemson 27


Stay logical FSU fans 🙂