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by | Aug 5, 2018 | ACC, FSU, News

Today as I was browsing my social media, I came upon a post from a 1968 FSU graduate. Claiming that back in the 1970’s she would listen to the FSU games on the radio even though they were on the verge of going 0-11. Her husband asked her why would she even bother listening to it? Her response was simply “someday” and she was right. That someday came in the next few years with Bobby Bowden taking over the helm. She ended the post by saying “No matter what happens this year, there is always a someday and maybe this is the year.” There is a lot of truth in that claim, but right now I believe we are living in that someday before the season has even started. Even if this season under performs at 8 or 9 wins, we have to be happy for what Willie has accomplished so far.

Taggart off-season moves


  • Right when he took over the job one of the most impressive things he was able to do was have FSU football alumni rally around him. He was hired on December 5th and during the December 27th Independence Bowl he was on the field with Primetime. Deion Sanders has been in the shadows and has not been a visible supporter at FSU since Jimbo Fisher took over. Willie was able to get alumni like Deion behind him instantly, which brought secure unity in the Seminole family.

  • This probably would have never of happened under the Fisher regime but Taggart had a ton of influence on this. Willie Taggart and FSU great Peter Warrick were childhood friends. Kids in the 90s dreamed of having skills like Peter Warrick, one of the greatest Noles to ever do it. Now that we are under the Taggart regime, FSU is retiring Peter Warrick’s jersey, which in my opinion is over due.  The greatest aspect of the jersey retirement is that it’s before the Virginia Tech game, in which Peter Warrick has fond memories of. 
  • He has brought the excitement back to Tallahassee. From having an old school theme spring game, bringing back the spirit spear, or crushing it with the SNL recruiting event. Fans cannot get enough of what he has been doing in Tallahassee.

  • Not only has Coach Taggart welcomed Coach Bowden back but he has also hired back legendary FSU defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews. Mickey’s responsibility will be to watch and evaluate the effort of players. This is a home run hire, because Coach Andrews was always about effort.

  • During today’s press conference Coach Taggart announced that during Fall Camp the team would watch the Bobby Bowden Dynasty film in incriments. This way they can be educated on the history of Florida State football and the excellence they need to continue.


In the comments below list one of the favorite off-season moves you think Coach Taggart has made. Also we want to know if you would be disappointed if his first year ended up with only 8 or 9 wins?


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