Top Revenge Wins #4

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Fifth Quarter
Fifth Quarter
Top Revenge Wins #4

Twenty nine wins and zero losses. When Florida State joined the ACC in 1992 they drilled almost every ACC opponent they played the first four seasons. They beat every conference opponent in their first four years in the ACC except one, which to every FSU fan it shouldn’t have even happened. This game needed major revenge due to the circumstance at the end of the game. The Virginia Cavaliers beat FSU causing the first ACC loss. Look at the play below and give your opinion in the comments.

The Dispute

On the last play of the game with seconds left, FSU decides their best player would be assured one last touch. Senior running back Warrick Dunn took the direct snap, followed the right side of the line and made it to the goal line. If instant replay was around in 1995 it would have been a Florida State victory 34-33.

Jefferson-Eppes Trophy

Description: The Florida State–Virginia football rivalry is an American college football rivalry between the Florida State Seminoles football team of Florida State University and Virginia Cavaliers football team of the University of Virginia. The Jefferson–Eppes Trophy is awarded to the winner of the game. The trophy was created in 1995 and was named for former President of the United States and founder of the University of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson, and Francis W. Eppes VII, Jefferson’s grandson and two-time mayor of Tallahassee, and president of the Board of Trustees of the West Florida Seminary, now Florida State University.

Origin:The idea for the Jefferson–Eppes Trophy was conceived by Florida State University President Sandy D’Alemberte


So while the series of FSU-UVA has been interesting at times, it has been dominated by Florida State. Some thought it would become a rivalry game, but you can just call it a trophy game. The divisional split of the ACC has put temporary cease to this game in pauses.


1996 FSU 31 UVA 24


While revenge was a success this game, many Nole fans were uneasy the whole game. At halftime Virginia held a 17-14 lead, and would not give up. Late in the fourth quarter FSU was winning 31-17, but Virginia managed to get it to one score game under three minutes remaining. The games hero was James Colzie as he intercepted an UVA pass and doused their come back hopes.

A loss wouldn’t have hurt FSU’s chances of winning the ACC but it was a needed revenge game. Losing to UVA twice could have sped up the phase of the rest of the ACC gaining on FSU’s separation of talent (we saw from 2001-present).

What is your opinion? Does this 1996 game against Virginia belong as a top 5 revenge game?


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